While executing Railway projects in India, a number of approvals & sanctions are needed from Railway Board, Zonal and Divisional levels apart from certain registrations, permissions and approvals from State Government Departments and Local Bodies.

Revenue, Registrations, Labour, Mines & Geology, Explosives, Police, Municipal/Panchayat, Sales-Tax, Weights & Measures (Legal Metrology), Transport, ESI, Provident Fund departments are to be approached for registrations, licenses and approvals, depending on size and location of the project apart from railway approvals.

It will look like an ever-ending process, if we don’t have the required talent. A trained and experienced hand in dealing these issues will help in saving time & money.

Some times it may also be required to liaise & lobby with political leaders and Govt. heads for trouble free implementation of projects.

We provide services of reliable & experienced persons/agencies for taking care of these issues, for smooth, time saving and cost-effective method of completing & commissioning your proposed or current railway projects.

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