Tender is an invitation to contractors for execution of a work at a specified cost in a specified time.

Tender requesting documents referred as Request for Tender, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation etc., shall outline particular requirements, criteria and instructions to be followed.

Illustration of works and materials using proper description and QC procedures, is important to avoid confusion in bidders.

Selection and appointment of a qualified & capable agency is very crucial for timely and qualitative construction of any project. Standard & established procedures to be followed while inviting tenders with wide publicity in targeted groups, to encourage competition and provide a greater pool of offers and response from Technically & Financially sound bidders/agencies.

Tender evaluation board shall comprise of professionals in the subject work with representatives from Commercial and Management side.

Preparing tender documents with authentic technical, commercial and legal terms & conditions without any scope for ambiguity / arbitration is very important for completion of the project as planned.

We take care of all the Tender & Outsourcing issues on your behalf, involving experts and retired railway officers in these fields.

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