You must have experienced difficulty in finding a suitable resource from railway industry for your projects. This is because of lack of railway engineering & operations courses in universities and colleges.

Indian Railway provides training in various departments and railway engineering fields, at their related “Railway Institutions” across the Country, only to their employees selected through different examinations & recruitment processes.

Railway professionals available for private rail companies in India could be a retired or a VRS Indian Railway employee or from a Railway Infra Company, having gained practical knowledge by working continuously in construction sites or in design offices. provides teaching & training in various railway engineering fields and operations departments for freshers and others, with ITI certificate, Diploma or Degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, EEE, ECE and other related subjects.

Select suitable candidates from our enormous DATA BASE for qualified and experienced Railway Professionals and Technicians in all fields of Railway Engineering, Operations & Maintenance Departments.

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